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Fun day in Clark Park (w Philly) with Photographer, Emily Fleck.  Click to download! 


Frank Velardo



Rockin' out at Heritage, Philly.  Photo Credit: Ben Wong.  Click to download!

"Where is Home?" is a nostalgic, wintery waltz in 5/4 time and is the follow-up release to The Ardvark Felon’s 2017 debut, My Baby Gets Me High.  This story portrays the struggle to hold on to what’s helpful, and let go of what’s harmful from the comforts of childhood after discovering the world and one’s self.  

While I was home for Christmas, I found some old family videos that my father transferred to DVD from VHS.  So, while not a creature was stirring, I was very busy in my room "cutting and splicing", and editing this video.  It was a fun project, and I believe it serves as a great visual aide.  I'm looking forward to doing more DIY videos for my songs.   

"Where is Home?" was written in 2007, the summer before I transferred from Pitt to Temple U.  It started out as an instrumental jazz composition.  Over the years I refined it and re-invented as my musical tastes changes.  Now it's this semi-folky psychedelic ballad.  It sure is amazing how a song can evolve over time!  I've played it with many different groups since it's conception and have seen it from many angles.  I'm so happy to share it with you now.  It's available wherever you go for your music.  

                                                   ​-- Frank Velardo

Ardvark Felon is the anagram-derived alter ego of Frank Velardo, composer, lead singer, guitar-slinger, and man in front of the band.  The band is  spontaneous but polished, serious yet absurd.  They’re funky in all the right ways, love playing for dancers, and know just when to turn things up with explosions of group improvisation and jamming. 

Feelin' something at the Hard Rock Cafe' in Memphis for the International Blues Challenge.  Photo credit: Kelly Thornton.  Click to download!

Click below to read this great article about the Felons in the Lancaster News Paper.  Thanks Jenelle Janci for taking the time to talk with me and for the write up!